Fun Games & Entertainment All Day!

Cornhole, Connect 4, Giant Jenga & Tricycle Races


Masskrugstemmen Beer Stein HoldingMasskrugstemmen is a Bavarian feat of strength and endurance where contestants hold a 1-liter stein of beer (which weighs about 5 pounds) out in front of them at shoulder level for as long as they can. No beer can be spilled, no elbows can be bent, and extended arms must be kept parallel to the ground. The winner is the person who can keep their stein aloft the longest. ($100 to the winner)

Group Costume Contest: We will be giving away 3 Prizes.  Best Group Costume – 2 or more people ($100), Best Guy Costume ($50) and Best Girl Costume ($50).

Fingerhakeln Finger Wrestling Fingerhalkn is an old Bavarian sport.  It is a two person competition. A leather strap is put around each contestant’s middle finger, then the two pull with all their might. The person whose arm gets yanked across the line in the middle of the table loses. Settle your quarrels the way wave they do in the Alpine country – with middle fingers!  Each contestant will need to have an assistant to catch them.  Competition will continue until a champion is crowned – MAX heats is 4. (Grand Champion $100). 


Main Stage Entertainment 

Noon - Oompah Music from the Edleweiss Band

12:30PM - The Baltimore Beer Week Star Spangled Banger Opening Tap Celebration Join The Baltimore Beer Week as they tap the first KEG of the week. Oh, The Rockets Red Glare and Beers Bursting In Air.   No one wants to miss this annual extravaganza.


 1PM -  Kelly Bell Band


1:40pm - Oompah Music from the Edleweiss Band

2:30PM - THE FIRKIN TAPPIN' HAPNIN' Join us at the Main Stage as we pop the top on a Cask Ale Firkin with the Oompah Girls, Hammers Flying Everywhere, Spigots flowing…really, what could go wrong!!?!?!?!?!?



Winners announced on the Main Stage!


3pm - Kelly Bell Band

3:45 The Contests with Oompah Music from the Edleweiss Band

Best Beer Belly Competition: Who has the finest belly in the land? Have you been training all year? Do you have the GUT(S)??????? Bring it to the Stage and Test Your Mettle. ($100)

Miss Oktoberfest  This contest is limited to the ladies and ladies only. ($100 to the winner)


4:30pm - Liquid A



Fingerhakeln Rules 

*schedule subject to change.



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